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Ear Microsuction is the best method of ear wax removal compared with ear syringing or ear irrigation – read our full article here

All our consultations and ear cleaning / ear wax removal clinic services in London are with experienced GP doctors with a specialist interest in ENT Medicine


At Ear Care Lab we provide safe, effective ear microsuction to remove ear wax or other causes of ear blockage and to treat external ear infections. Microsuction ear wax removal is the safest method of removing ear wax.  This method of ear cleaning usually requires no preparation (i.e. olive oil or other types of ear drops prior to your appointment).  However, wax softening drops can help speed up the procedure and make it even more comfortable.

In addition, we offer medical consultations for other ear-related problems.  We treat adults and children over the age of 10.  Unlike other similar ear microsuction services (which are often performed by nurses or audiologists), all our services are exclusively provided by experienced GP doctors with a specialist interest in Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Medicine.  Appointments  at our ear clinic in London are usually available on the same day at flexible times.  We are situated in a convenient location only a short walk from Ealing Broadway, North Ealing and Park Royal tube Stations in London.

Booking appointments and Opening Times

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Service Price List


Wax removal by microsuction for one or both ears. Usually lasts 15 minutes.


Microsuction follow up

Occasionally (less than 5% of cases) patients may need to return for further microsuction post softening of their ear wax. This is for cases with extremely hard wax which would be too uncomfortable to remove in the first appointment.


Medical Consultation and treatment

E.g. for ear infection, ear pain, tinnitus, middle ear problems or other ear symptoms. Microsuction is included in this price (if required). A more detailed consultation which usually lasts 20 minutes


Ear Swab

This is when a sample of skin/fluid/debris/pus is taken from your ear. This is often required when managing an ear infection. Swabs are cultured in a microbiology laboratory and help guide the correct antibiotic/antifungal treatment


Prescription charge

E.g. for antibiotics


Removal of Foreign Body


Home visit for Microsuction

Only bookable via telephone