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Ear Wax Removal London

Our London based Ear Wax Removal Clinic offers the best microsuction ear wax removal service because unlike other clinics:

  • Only highly experienced GP doctors with a specialist interest in ENT Medicine perform the procedure at Ear Care Lab

  • We use state of the art equipment – surgical-grade ENT microscopes – to achieve high magnification and the best possible results.  We do not use inferior magnification methods such as loupes or video-otoscopes

  • We are able to deal with other ear problems/medical issues such as ear infections, ear canal eczema, tinnitus, eustachian tube dysfunction

  • We train other doctors/clinicians to perform this procedure through our gold standard national training organisation (Ear Care Academy) – – No other ear wax removal/microsuction clinic has collective expertise such as ours


We have made significant changes to our clinic and procedures that allow us to continue to work safely for our patients and staff.  We are operating normal clinics and appointments are bookable online or by phone.  However there are a number of infection control points patients should be aware of.  These are strictly adhered to in our clinics:

  • Patients with respiratory/infective symptoms such as a new continuous cough, temperature above 37.8C or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste must not book appointments and should follow the government 111 advice as per –
  • All our doctors wear the full recommended PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when seeing patients
  • Our consulting rooms are sanitised between each patient and we use strict infection control procedures with disposable instruments
  • Patients are requested to wear face masks when entering the clinic – please bring your own mask
  • Patients are asked to sanitise their hands on arrival with the hand sanitisers provided
  • A maximum of one person accompanying the patient is permitted in the interest of reducing footfall within the premises
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment, in order to avoid having an unnecessarily large number of patients in the building
  • Payments are almost all taken online prior to your appointment in order to reduce handling of cash/bank card machines/bank cards within the premises and to speed up the appointment process

Ear Wax Removal London, Ealing

All our consultations and ear cleaning / ear wax removal services in Ealing, London are performed with state of the art surgical-grade ENT microscopes and microsuction equipment.  In addition, only highly experienced ear microsuction specialists perform the procedure in our clinic.  Our team consists of GP doctors with a specialist interest in ENT Medicine.   We are experts in ear wax removal and this is why other clinicians come to us to be trained via our gold standard Ear Care and Microsuction Training Course, which takes place regularly at Charing Cross Hospital.

This method of ear cleaning usually requires no preparation (i.e. olive oil or other types of ear drops prior to your appointment).  However, there is no harm in a patient using olive oil to soften the wax prior to microsuction.  This can help speed up the procedure and make it even more comfortable.  A comprehensive overview on all aspects of ear wax and its removal can be found in our post here.

In addition, we offer medical consultations for other ear-related problems.  We treat adults and children over the age of 6.  Appointments  in our ear clinic in Ealing, London are usually available within 1-2 days at flexible times.  We are situated in a convenient location only a short walk from Ealing Broadway, North Ealing and Park Royal tube Stations in London.

Ear Microsuction Ealing