4 Signs Of Earwax Blockage To Look Out For

An earwax blockage, which can be quite uncomfortable, commonly occurs when someone tries to clean their ears on their own by placing cotton buds or other items in their ears. If you think you may have an earwax blockage, take a look at the signs below and what you can do to help.

What causes earwax blockages?

An earwax blockage occurs when earwax, also referred to as cerumen, accumulates in the ear canal and doesn’t clear properly. Earwax is a positive thing as it’s part of your body’s natural defence, working to clean and protect your ears from the growth and development of bacteria. When you have too much wax and a blockage happens, it’s key to get in touch with a professional so that you don’t damage your ears trying to remove the wax on your own.

Signs of earwax blockages

Here are four signs of an earwax blockage for you to look out for:


  • Earache: If you’re experiencing uncomfortable pain in your ear that’s constant or feels like a sharp pain every now and again, this might be a sign that you’ve got too much earwax in your ear. Too much earwax can lead to ear infections, which is why it’s important to get earache checked out as soon as you can.


  • Trouble with your hearing: If you’re noticing you’re having trouble with your hearing in one ear, or even both, this could be a sign of an earwax blockage. As the earwax gradually accumulates in your ear, it blocks your ear canal, which can reduce your hearing ability.


  • Feelings of fullness in your ear: If you’re experiencing feelings of fullness in your ears which doesn’t go away, this usually signifies the build-up of too much earwax in your ear.


  • Dizziness: If you’ve recently started feeling dizzy, this could be a sign of earwax blockage as dizziness and vertigo are typically caused by earwax pushing against the eardrum or tympanic membrane.

What we can do to help

Here at Ear Care Lab, we offer a range of earwax removal treatments, including ear microsuction to prevent you from experiencing ear infections or any of the above symptoms we’ve just described. If you’d like to book an appointment or arrange a consultation with one of our earwax removal specialists, contact us at Ear Care Lab.

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