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Please click on the “BOOK NOW” button below in order to view available appointments for London ear wax removal by microsuction as well as medical consultations relating to ear symptoms.

Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy


Our appointments are pre-payable online or by phone, credit or debit card.  After you are seen in our clinic, if your appointment fee is more than the amount you have paid (e.g. if you require additional treatment such as prescriptions, swabs, or a different type of appointment), this is payable after your appointment is finished by debit or credit card.

What if wax is not present when I am seen?

If there is no wax or debris to remove from a patient’s ears following examination, no microsuction might be necessary.  This results in a discussion, with the clinician, around likely causes of hearing loss and potential further investigations the patient may need.  Microsuction not being performed during an appointment does not entitle patients to any kind of refund of their appointment fees.  Being seen in the clinic takes up an appointment slot and clinician time.  The fee charged reflects your appointment time slot and the time a clinician spends consulting with you.  The clinic cannot be held responsible for lack of requirement for microsuction in specific patients.  There are multiple causes of hearing loss and sometimes this symptom is not related to wax build up.  Our clinicians are able to consult with patients regarding other causes of hearing loss and may suggest further investigations or referrals.  Any partial refund returned to patients is completely discretionary and is decided by the individual clinician seeing the patient.  The reduced follow-up appointment fees displayed only apply to one follow-up appointment within 1 calendar month of the initial appointment.

Symptoms after your initial consultation/Follow-up appointment process

Sometimes patients may experience reduced hearing/blockage sensation, after being cleared of wax at an initial appointment.  Such patients are able to book a follow-up appointment to review the situation.  All follow up appointments are chargeable as you are paying for the Dr’s time to see you and examine you.  Becoming blocked/developing reduced hearing after your original appointment is almost never due to wax not having been successfully removed the first time.  It is usually due to the patient having a different underlying cause for their symptoms.  If the doctor seeing you for a follow up appointment feels that wax was not fully removed the first time, at their discretion, they can charge a lower fee accordingly.

Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy

Missed appointments are charged at the full appointment fee.  Any partial refund is completely discretionary.

When a patient cancels without giving enough notice or misses an appointment without informing us, they prevent another patient from being seen.

Please call us on 0208 004 7808 at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations. Cancellations of appointments less than 24h from the time of the appointment incur a fee of 50% of the value of the missed appointment including a 2.5% administrative charge to process the partial refund.  Cancellations of appointments more than 24h from the time of the appointment incur a 2.5% administrative charge which will be deducted from your partially refunded fee.

These terms cannot be altered due to reasons beyond the Ear Care Lab’s control. This includes: weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, transportation, illness, childcare, patients developing Covid-19 symptoms etc.

Booking an appointment online or on via telephone implies acceptance of these terms.

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Follow Up Appointments

If a doctor suggests follow up is needed within a month of seeing the patient, a reduced fee applies – i.e. £45 for microsuction, £55 for medical consultation follow ups (see fees below).  Doctor-suggested follow ups beyond one month are charged at the normal appointment price as shown below.

Similarly if a patient initiates the request for follow up, a normal (full) appointment fee applies.



Wax removal by microsuction for one or both ears. Usually lasts 15 minutes.

Medical Consultation And Treatment


E.g. for ear infection, ear pain, tinnitus, middle ear problems or other ear symptoms. Microsuction is included in this price (if required). A more detailed consultation which usually lasts 20 minutes

Microsuction Follow Up


Occasionally (less than 5% of cases) patients may need to return for further microsuction post softening of their ear wax. This is for cases with extremely hard wax which would be too uncomfortable to remove in the first appointment.  Any follow up arranged within a month of the original appointment, for further microsuction recommended by the treating Doctor is charged at this reduced fee.  Follow ups requested by patients are charged at full price.

Medical Consultation Follow Up


Occasionally, patients who require medical consultations, may require follow up.  Any follow up arranged within a month of the original appointment, for a further medical consultation recommended by the treating Doctor is charged at this reduced fee.  Follow ups requested by patients are charged at full price.

Ear Swab


This is when a sample of skin/fluid/debris/pus is taken from your ear. This is often required when managing an ear infection. Swabs are cultured in a microbiology laboratory and help guide the correct antibiotic/antifungal treatment

Removal Of Foreign Body


Prescription Charge


E.g. for antibiotics

Telephone Consultation


Some patients have specific questions prior to booking appointments or after they have been seen and they require to speak to a Doctor rather than being seen face-to-face.  This type of appointment facilitates this interaction.  Duration up to 15 mins.