Children’s Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is a completely normal substance that usually comes out on its own and does not need removing.

However, sometimes, ear wax in children can build up and cause pain or discomfort. To help ease this discomfort for your child, ear wax removal using microsuction techniques is a fast, pain-free, and highly effective method. You can book children’s ear wax removal online and be seen quickly by a dedicated ear care specialist in London.

Signs Of Excess Ear Wax In Children

Excess ear wax in children, also known as an impaction, can cause mild to moderate symptoms. If your child can communicate, they’ll be able to describe some of these symptoms. For much younger children, it’s helpful to be aware of the typical signs of an ear wax build-up, which can include:

  • Trouble hearing – are you having to repeat things consistently?
  • Itchiness – you may see children trying to scratch their ears to relieve the itch
  • A feeling of fullness – some children pull or tug at their ears to stop the discomfort 
  • Ear ache – too much ear wax in children can put pressure on the eardrum resulting, in ear ache 

A build-up of ear wax in children may subside by itself as the body’s natural processes remove it. If the symptoms persist though, children’s ear wax removal can help clear the impaction.

Causes Of A Build-Up Of Ear Wax In Children

Ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a natural substance produced by the body to protect the ear canal from dust, debris, and bacteria. Children’s ears are still developing and a build-up of ear wax in children isn’t uncommon. Some of the causes of this build-up can be: 

  • Narrow or curved ear canals that make it harder for ear wax to naturally fall out
  • A skin condition, such as eczema, that results in debris becoming trapped in the ear so wax can’t get out
  • An ear infection like otitis media or swimmer’s ear

Some children also have a condition called glue ear. Glue ear is when there is too much fluid inside the middle ear. Glue ear can clear up on its own and children’s ear wax removal can help alleviate symptoms of glue ear. However, if glue ear does not subside, then it may be a more long-term problem and a small surgical procedure is required to help ears drain efficiently. 

Advice for Parents

If you suspect an impaction of ear wax in your child, ear wax removal will alleviate the symptoms and clear the ears. In the interim, there are home remedies to help with any pain. 

There are also some things that are not advised. 

Please see the list below for ways to help reduce the discomfort of excess ear wax in children, and other things to avoid:

  • Use a hot or cold compress pressed against the ear to reduce pain
  • Offer children’s paracetamol or ibuprofen
  • Clean around the outside of the ear with warm water and cotton wool or a cloth
  • Speak to a pharmacist or other healthcare professional before using any ear drops to treat a build-up of ear wax in children
  • Don’t try to remove the ear wax yourself. Using cotton buds or other implements can make the impaction worse
  • Try not to let children put fingers in their ears to scratch, as this can damage the ear canal and cause infection

Children’s Ear Wax Removal

If you’ve noticed the symptoms of an ear wax impaction in your child, ear wax removal will not only treat these symptoms, but it will also remove the underlying cause. Microsuction ear wax removal is the safest and most effective method of removing ear wax in children. Microsuction uses a tiny microscope and a small probe to clear out the excess ear wax. There is no pain, little to no side effects, and the procedure can be done in minutes. 

Ear Wax In Children FAQ

We would advise that children’s ear wax removal using microsuction is performed on children aged 6 and over. Children need to stay still to ensure that the treatment is as successful as possible. The procedure can be performed on younger children. Generally, with children, it is not possible to predict whether the child will remain still enough to allow the procedure to be performed safely, and so it is assessed on an individual basis.

Microsuction ear wax removal is completely safe for children. The microscope and probe used are both very small and cause no damage to the ear canal. There is no water or irrigation used either, and children can go back to being active straight after the treatment.

Children’s ear wax removal costs £80. Microsuction is a gold standard treatment and our ear care specialists perform microsuction in the exact same way for children and adults. It is also proven to be the most effective method of ear wax removal.

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