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Ear wax is an essential part of the ears to keep them healthy and clean. However, too much ear wax build-up can come with various challenges like:

  • Hearing loss
  • Ear infections
  • Tinnitus
  • Physical discomfort
  • Other issues

Generally, the amount of ear wax you produce is genetic – meaning that you have no direct control over it. Still, there are various lifestyle choices that can contribute to too much ear wax production. Some of the means to increase ear wax production include:

  • Incorrect cleaning methods
  • Excessive use of earbuds and headphones
  • Exposure to environmental irritants

Incorrect cleaning methods

It’s common to clean your ears by yourself through the insertion of cotton buds, cotton swabs, or ear candles. While it might seem helpful as you get cleaner ears, it is detrimental that you do it correctly to avoid damage.

When used incorrectly, cotton buds push the further wax down into the ear canal, leading to possible discomfort or blockage. They can also scratch or irritate the sensitive parts of the inner ear skin, leading to more wax production.

Excessive removal of the ear wax also leads to the body creating more wax to protect the ear canals. Instead of DIY ear wax removal, contact a professional to help you avoid the risk of ear damage and excess ear wax production.

For more information, we recommend reading our article on how to remove ear wax safely.

Excessive use of earbuds and headphones

Headphones and earbuds have revolutionized how people get sound stimulation in the world today. However, they can also be the cause of excessive ear wax production.

This is because the ear produces wax following contact stimulation. The touch from a foreign objection leads to the secretion of wax to protect the ear linings. The earbuds and other hearing aids rubbing on the ears are among the leading triggers for ear wax production.

Limiting the use of listening devices is key to reducing excessive ear wax production. However, in the case of mandatory devices like hearing aids, you have to ensure they are ever clean and bacteria-free.

Exposure to environmental irritants

There are certain environments that produce ear irritants, leading to excessive ear wax production. Places with too much noise, dusty workplaces, or pollen in the air can irritate the ear, stimulating ear wax production.

Protect your ears by wearing ear protectors to prevent too much noise and other irritants from reaching the ears.

Bottom line

Taking care of your ears the right way is the perfect means to avoid ear wax build-up. Avoid triggers like direct noise or too much noise from your surrounding environment.

Another way to avoid ear wax build-up is by letting the ear wax be removed through microsuction by a specialist.

Are you considering microsuction ear wax removal? Look no further than Ear Care Lab. Our team of experts is the best at efficient ear wax removal that will not trigger excessive production later on. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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