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Ear microsuction to clear ear wax – Book now

By 21st November 2016December 5th, 2018News and Articles

Ear Care Lab has now been open since mid-October 2016, offering ear microsuction to clear ear wax or other causes of ear blockage! Our first six weeks have been exceptionally busy, seeing patients with a large variety of ENT-related issues ranging from blocked ears, ear infections, tinnitus and dizziness.  We have seen patients for microsuction from all over London (and outside too).  Patients are able to self refer and book via our website or by calling 0208 004 7808.  Many patients have been referred to us by their GPs or by Urgent Care Centres.  We have even seen patients referred by hospital ENT doctors!

Microsuction is superior to ear syringing for a variety of reasons which are detailed here.  We are also now offering Oto-endoscopic ear examination as well as wax and foreign body removal using this new innovative method.  Oto-endoscopy allows direct view of the ear canal and drum at much larger magnification than can be achieved by ENT microscopes and light loupes.  This will make the process of ear wax removal in tricky patients (e.g. with very narrow ear canals) far easier.  We are able to record video as well as take images of the ear canal and drum using this technique.

An example is shown below.

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