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Are your ears blocked with wax? Do you have reduced hearing? Why suffer? Ear Microsuction is the best method of ear wax removal compared with ear syringing or ear irrigation

By 11th February 2019September 12th, 2019News and Articles

At Ear Care Lab we provide safe, effective ear microsuction to remove ear wax or other causes of ear blockage and to treat external ear infections. Microsuction ear cleaning is the safest method of removing ear wax. This method of ear cleaning usually requires no preparation (i.e. olive oil or other types of ear drops prior to your appointment). Our Ear Microsuction Clinic in Ealing has successfully provided ear wax removal for thousands of patients over a number of years. All our consultations and ear cleaning / ear wax removal services in Ealing, London are with highly experienced microsuction specialists. Our team consists of GPs with a specialist interest in ENT Medicine as well as our Senior Specialist Audiologist. We are experts in ear wax removal and this is why other clinicians come to us to be trained, via our gold standard Ear Care and Microsuction Training Course.


Ear Microsuction Wax Removal at Ear Care Lab
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