Ear Wax Removal Service

In need of impacted ear wax removal?

Our microsuction ear wax removal service will unblock your ears, relieve muffled hearing, and help tackle tinnitus. Microsuction appointments at Ear Care Lab start from £80. Book safe and effective private ear wax removal today.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Service

Our microsuction ear wax removal service is the best, safest method of ear wax removal. Microsuction involves a special suction device being used to remove the ear wax under a microscope or a special light loupe with magnification. It’s a quick, safe, and painless procedure.

Microsuction is ideal for impacted ear wax removal, and it’s a much more efficient and comfortable method than ear syringing or irrigation. Book private ear wax removal at Ear Care Lab to benefit from ear microsuction, the safest method of ear wax removal around.

Why Book Private Ear Wax Removal with Ear Care Lab?

Ear Care Lab is one of the UK’s leading microsuction ear wax removal service providers. Our founder Dr Alex Fragoyannis helped develop the gold standard Ear Care Academy microsuction training course at Charing Cross Hospital. You can be sure you’ll be in safe, experienced hands at Ear Care Lab.

Do I Need Impacted Ear Wax Removal?

You may require our microsuction ear wax removal service if:

  • There’s an ear wax build-up in your ear canal, causing symptoms (e.g. hearing loss, pressure symptoms, irritation)
  • You have especially small ear canals – this can make it harder for wax to naturally leave the ear canal, causing a build-up
  • Your ear wax is particularly hard
  • Cotton buds have pushed wax deeper into your ear canal, creating an ear wax plug
  • You wear a hearing aid or regularly wear ear plugs – this can stop wax falling out of your ear naturally
  • You have an external ear canal infection (otitis externa)
  • Your audiologist cannot perform a hearing test as there is difficulty seeing your full ear drum
  • You’re preparing for an impression for a hearing aid fitting
  • You’re about to undergo grommet insertion
  • Prior to middle ear surgery
  • If you are suffering from an external ear canal infection (otitis externa)

Ear Wax Removal FAQs

Our private ear wax removal costs start from £80 for microsuction on one or both ears. Additional charges apply to follow-up appointments and to initial consultations where the issue is not just ear wax (e.g. ear infections, tinnitus, and dizziness consultations). See our full list of ear wax removal service fees.

It should only take around 15-20 minutes to carry out for microsuction for impacted ear wax removal. However, if your ear canal is especially small, it might take longer for our practitioners to be able to remove the excess ear wax.

Microsuction ear wax removal shouldn’t hurt – it’s the most comfortable type of ear wax removal around. If your wax is particularly hard or impacted, we might need to use other instruments to remove the wax, so you may feel that more. In these cases, it may help to soften your wax with olive oil drops or spray for 3-4 days prior to your appointment.  We’ll always talk to you about what we’re doing so you know what to expect.

Read more of our common ear wax removal service FAQs.

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Book Emergency Ear Wax Removal

You can book emergency ear wax removal in London online and receive a same day appointment (subject to availability). Our clinic is conveniently located in North London and is open Monday to Friday, with some Saturday appointments also available.

Please contact us if you need any extra information or advice, or book online today for emergency ear wax removal and fast relief from ear pain. 

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Based on 249 reviews