Emergency Ear Wax Removal

Blocked ears can be very painful and come with a number of other symptoms, such as muffled hearing or tinnitus. Get immediate relief from the pain of blocked ears with emergency ear wax removal.

Microsuction is a gold standard technique for successfully removing unwanted ear wax. At Ear Care Lab, all of our emergency ear wax removal procedures are carried out by highly skilled ear care specialists who can help ease your symptoms and clear excess wax quickly, safely, and effectively.

Reasons For Emergency Ear Wax Removal

You may have been experiencing the symptoms of blocked ears for some time and have now decided to look for emergency ear wax removal to treat the problem quickly. In other cases, something may have exacerbated your symptoms, leading to mild or moderate pain. The typical reasons we see patients for emergency ear wax removal are:

  • Ear infections – ear infections like otitis externa or otitis media can cause a build-up of ear wax, which puts pressure on the ear drum. Removing the ear wax reduces this pressure and also allows any antibiotic ear drops to work more efficiently to clear an infection
  • Hearing loss – sudden hearing loss can be worrying, but may just be down to an impaction of ear wax. Following microsuction, normal hearing is likely to return. If not, further investigation can be sought
  • Perforated ear drum – a perforated ear drum can be particularly painful and excess ear wax can be the cause. Microsuction can be carried out when an ear drum is perforated and will remove the wax build-up that may have led to the perforation

No matter the reason for emergency ear wax removal, microsuction successfully alleviates symptoms quickly.

Fast and Safe Emergency Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction is the fastest and safest option for emergency ear wax removal. Using a small ENT microscope, microsuction allows the clinician to see exactly what’s inside the ear canal and, therefore, what needs to be removed. If you’re undergoing emergency ear wax removal and the wax is especially hard or difficult to remove, other instruments may be used to clear the ear canal. A fine sterile suction device is then used to gently remove ear wax. The benefits of emergency ear wax removal using microsuction include:

  • Zero preparation – there’s no need for oils or drops ahead of a microsuction procedure 
  • Safe anytime – microsuction can be performed anytime, even when an ear infection is present 
  • Comfortable – there’s little to no interference with the ear canal, so pain is usually non-existent
  • Same day – microsuction can be carried out the same day you book your appointment, which is ideal for emergency ear wax removal cases
  • No downtime – as there are typically no side effects with microsuction, you can carry on with your day as normal after the procedure

If you’re suffering with blocked ears, microsuction is the fastest way to relieve symptoms, making it the best treatment for emergency ear wax removal. For those who regularly get excess ear wax and blocked ears, microsuction can be performed regularly, every 3 to 6 months if necessary.

Emergency Ear Wax Removal In London

If you’re looking for emergency ear wax removal in London, our clinic is based in Ealing at Corfton Road Surgery. We are close to Ealing Broadway, North Ealing, and West Acton Underground stations, making it easy to access emergency ear wax removal appointments near to you. Our specialist ear care professionals have been trained at the nearby Ear Care Academy in London, so we can guarantee all of our clinicians have completed the course to offer a gold standard of care. 

Otoscopy examination

Emergency Ear Wax Removal FAQs

Any microsuction procedure is £80, including emergency ear wax removal. There may be other costs associated with the appointment – for example, if further investigations are required. 

Microsuction can be done in as little as 15 minutes. This will vary depending on the patient and the severity of the problem but, generally speaking, all microsuction procedures are completed in less than an hour. Please also allow adequate time for the initial examination and any after care. 

Yes, children can also benefit from emergency ear wax removal. We advise that children having microsuction ear wax removal should ideally be over 6 years old as they will need to sit still for a period of time.

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You can book emergency ear wax removal in London online and receive a same day appointment (subject to availability). Our clinic is conveniently located in North London and is open Monday to Friday, with some Saturday appointments also available.

Please contact us if you need any extra information or advice, or book online today for emergency ear wax removal and fast relief from ear pain. 

Google Rating
Based on 249 reviews