Why Microsuction Is Recommended For The Safe Removal Of Ear Wax

Ear wax removal isn’t something you need to think about until you notice your hearing becoming muffled or a ringing in your ears, but once you realise you have a build-up of wax, you need to know how to clear ear wax fast.

Although we might not give our ear wax much thought, we all have it, and many of us will require ear wax removal at one point or another in our lives. Read on to find out if you could benefit from ear wax removal, and learn more about the benefits of microsuction for the safe removal of ear wax.

When Is Ear Wax Removal Needed?

We all need ear wax, but problems can arise when a build-up of excess ear wax occurs, making ear wax removal necessary. Ear wax is a natural secretion which keeps the ear canal lubricated and protects it from dust, dirt, and bacteria. It’s composed primarily of skin cells, dust, and oil secretions. This doesn’t sound too appealing, but actually ear wax plays a very important role in keeping the ear free from infection.

Most of the time, ear wax shouldn’t cause any problems. The ear is self-cleaning, and as long as your ear wax is not building up, it shouldn’t need any attention. However, if your ear is dry or if you have particularly narrow ear canals, a build-up of ear wax may be more common. In addition, ear wax can start to accumulate if it’s been pushed too far down the canal by things like earbuds or hearing aids, meaning ear wax removal will be required.

You may benefit from ear wax removal if any of the following apply to you:

  • You’re experiencing pain or discomfort in the ears
  • You’ve noticed signs of hearing loss, such as muffled hearing
  • Tinnitus symptoms you experience are worsening
  • You’ve previously undergone ear syringing, but are still experiencing problems

Ear wax blockages are quite common, affecting around 6% of the population and accounting for many GP appointments made concerning ear pain. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of your ear wax and, if it’s causing you problems, consider whether professional ear wax removal may be necessary.

For the safe removal of ear wax, it’s important to visit a professional. Simply searching ‘how to remove ear wax’ and trying the DIY methods you find can come with a lot of risks – you may end up hurting yourself, or even damaging your hearing permanently.

What Are The Benefits Of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal?

Although there are lots of so-called hacks out there for how to remove ear wax at home, these should be avoided, as they come with a high level of risk. Read more about the dangers of DIY ear wax removal.

Ear microsuction is a specialist method designed for the safe removal of ear wax. Similarly to ear syringing, microsuction ear wax removal is an effective way to clear a build-up of ear wax or any blockages. However, microsuction is a more comfortable and more targeted procedure, using suction for ear wax removal, rather than irrigation.

The benefits of microsuction ear wax removal include:

  • It’s safer than ear syringing
  • It’s more comfortable for the patient
  • It’s much faster than syringing
  • Offers better, faster results

Microsuction is currently only offered by specialists; it’s a modern technique for the safe removal of ear wax and debris from inside the ear, using a very small microscope and suction probe. This allows the physician to look inside the ear and deliver targeted, low pressure suction to the affected areas.

How Much Is Ear Wax Removal?

The cost of ear wax removal will vary depending on the method you choose and where you undergo the procedure. If you’re considering ear wax removal in London, the cost of microsuction ear wax removal at Ear Care Lab in Ealing is £75 for a single appointment.

This appointment will include comprehensive and thorough ear canal cleaning, alongside providing relief from the pain, discomfort, and annoyance of an ear wax blockage. Book your appointment today to benefit from the safe removal of ear wax by a trained professional.

Choose Microsuction For The Safe Removal Of Ear Wax

Microsuction ear wax removal is a much more comfortable and efficient procedure than ear syringing, which has long been recommended as the answer to how to remove ear wax safely.

With ear microsuction, there’s less chance of the ear wax removal tools coming into contact with the ear lobe, making the procedure more comfortable. What’s more, microsuction ear wax removal allows the healthcare professional to see inside the ear canal more clearly, facilitating the safe removal of ear wax.

Interested in trying suction for ear wax removal? Book an appointment at Ear Care Lab today.

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