Foreign Object In Ear Removal

Foreign objects in the ear can risk rupturing your ear drum and may lead to hearing loss. If you’re worried you have a foreign body in your ear, seek professional help immediately.

Book a consultation to address objects lodged in your ear. Our specialists can remove foreign objects in the ear, using specialist instruments and our combined multiple decades of experience for £105. Read more about our fees.

We Remove Foreign Objects In the Ear

Our team can remove foreign objects in the ear using recommended techniques and expert training. We may need to use suction to remove a foreign body in the ear, micro forceps, or other specially designed instruments. We will always consult with you before carrying out any work.

Cotton buds are one of the most common objects lodged in ears, but earring backs, earphone rubber seals, small beads, and even bugs can all get stuck in the ear canal.

If it feels like something is stuck in your ear, call Ear Care Lab. GP practices and A&E departments are usually not able to help with this type of issue as it requires specialist equipment and expertise. We regularly carry out foreign body in the ear removal.

Ear examination prior to ear cleaning

Foreign Object In Ear Risks

Some behaviours can increase the risk of foreign objects in the ear, including:

  • Regular useof ear plugs
  • Frequent use of ear phones – especially noise cancelling ones with rubber seals
  • Using cotton buds in the ear
  • Sleeping in earrings

If you have an object lodged in your ear and it’s left in there or it not removed correctly, serious risks can include rupturing your ear drum, prolonged tinnitus, and even permanent hearing loss.

What To Do If There’s a Cotton Bud Stuck In Your Ear

You should avoid using cotton buds in your ear, but if you’ve got one stuck, contact our clinic immediately. Some advice recommends shaking your head or even using olive oil to try to dislodge a cotton bud stuck in the ear, but you risk lodging it further.

Getting an object lodged in your ear like a cotton bud can risk irreversible damage to your hearing, so it’s important to get it removed straight away by an experienced professional. The Ear Care Lab team has the right instruments and training to remove foreign objects in the ear safely and thoroughly.

Even DIY ear wax removal can cause long-term damage, so leave your ears to the professionals and book microsuction ear wax removal to unblock your ears of wax in a safe, pain-free procedure.

Object Lodged In Ear FAQs

Contact us straight away to book microsuction to remove the foreign body in your ear. If you’ve got something stuck in your ear outside of our practice hours, call your GP or 111 for professional advice. Never attempt to remove a foreign object in the ear by yourself, as you risk making the problem worse and may cause long-term damage.

You may feel some slight discomfort as the object lodged in your ear is removed. We’ll always let you know what to expect from the instruments we’re using, so you’re fully informed throughout the procedure.

Remember that leaving the foreign body in the ear for longer could cause lasting pain and damage to your hearing, so it does need to be removed – we’ll always do our best to make the removal procedure as quick and painless as possible.

Removal of a foreign object in the ear at Ear Care Lab costs £105, regardless of what’s lodged in there. A small price to pay to protect your hearing and relieve pain.

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Google Rating
Based on 248 reviews