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Ear wax microsuction is a safe and effective treatment for ear wax build-up.

Ear wax normally isn’t a problem as it self-regulates, but occasionally wax can start to accumulate if the ear canal is too dry or narrow or if it has been pushed in by a cotton bud or hearing aids.

If ear wax does build-up, it can have negative consequences such as hearing loss, pain, and discomfort. If the sufferer has tinnitus, a build-up of ear wax can also make it worse. Ear wax removal through microsuction is a safe and effective way to clean the ear canal and relieve the symptoms.

Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

No – although ear softening drops such as sodium bicarbonate or olive oil can be used to soften the wax. This may make it easier for the wax to be removed and will result in the procedure being quicker and more comfortable.

How long will the appointment last?

For most microsuction appointments, it takes between 15-30 minutes to clear both ears. It’s important to stay still during the procedure as the ear canal is close to the eardrum so the time may be prolonged if the patient moves around too much.

Will it hurt?

If the ear wax microsuction is performed by an experienced professional, it shouldn’t hurt. The main disturbance which patients may notice is the noise of the suction tube, but this doesn’t take long to become accustomed to.

If the outer ear canal is infected, the microsuction procedure may cause inflammation which can be painful. However, microsuctioning of the ear canal is one of the most effective treatments for outer ear infections, so the procedure will help relieve the pain in the long run.

What happens after my appointment?

After your ear wax microsuction appointment, you may feel slightly dizzy due to the cooling down of the ear canal after the procedure. This is only temporary and shouldn’t last long.

How many times should I have ear wax microsuction?

Some patients are unlucky and need to have multiple appointments, whereas others only need one. For patients with hearing aids, we recommend getting a microsuction treatment every 4-6 months.

If blocked ears are affecting you and you are considering ear wax microsuction, get in touch with Ear Care Lab today to schedule your appointment.

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