Ear Wax Removal Near Hammersmith

Book an appointment for microsuction ear wax removal near Camden for gentle and effective relief from the discomfort of blocked ears and ear wax build-up.

Discover fast and effective ear wax removal near Hammersmith with microsuction services from Ear Care Lab. Microsuction is a gold standard procedure for ear wax removal. Hammersmith and surrounding areas are serviced by our clinic in Ealing, conveniently located to local transport links. Book an appointment today to relieve the discomfort of blocked ears.

Reliable Ear Wax Removal For Hammersmith

Blocked ear symptoms can range from irritation or discomfort to hearing loss and severe pain. Microsuction ear wax removal can ease these symptoms in minutes. A binocular operating microscope is used to accurately see the ear wax build-up and then, using a very fine sterile suction device, the ear wax is removed. There’s no need to use oils or drops beforehand, side effects are rare and there is no downtime necessary with microsuction ear wax removal. Hammersmith residents, or those working nearby, can be treated in as little as 15 minutes for both ears.

Why Choose Ear Care Lab?

Ear Care Lab has been providing microsuction ear wax removal near Hammersmith for several years. When visiting our clinic, you’ll find:

  • Experienced practitioners who are qualified GPs with a special interest in ENT
  • Help with other ear-related problems, such as tinnitus, ear eczema and ear infections
  • Emergency ear wax removal appointments if needed
  • Children’s ear wax removal services

Our ear care experts also lead microsuction training courses to teach others how to deliver gold standard microsuction ear wax removal, so you know you’re in the safest and most skilled hands. Clients from across London rate our services as excellent time and time again, thanks to our skilled clinicians, expert advice, and successful procedures.

Ear Microsuction Using ENT microscope

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Near You In Hammersmith

Ear Care Lab is situated in Corfton Road Surgery, just a short journey from Hammersmith. The clinic is accessible via the London Underground and is close to Ealing Broadway or North Ealing stations using the District or Central Lines. There is some parking available nearby if driving from Hammersmith that incurs a small charge. Our full address is:

Office Address:

Corfton Road Surgery,
10 Corfton Road,
Ealing W5 2HS,
United Kingdom (UK)

You can of course contact us beforehand for help with directions or parking when visiting the clinic.

Book Hammersmith Ear Wax Removal Today

Discover the best and most effective method of ear wax removal by booking an appointment today. Ear Care Lab is open 6 days a week offering appointments between 9pm and 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 7pm Fridays and 9am until 12pm on Saturdays.


Microsuction ear wax removal can be performed regularly for stubborn cases of ear wax build-up and helps to keep ears clean and healthy. If earwax is causing significant pain, we can also arrange same day emergency ear wax removal. Hammersmith is minutes away from our clinic and from many London boroughs. This means you can be treated quickly if an appointment is available. Get gold standard microsuction ear wax removal by booking your appointment today.

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