Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Hanwell

Microsuction is a gold standard procedure for ear wax removal.

Hanwell residents can find fast relief from blocked ears and other common ear complaints at Ear Care Lab in Ealing, with same day and emergency appointments also available.

Safe Ear Wax Removal Near Hanwell

Blocked ear symptoms can range from irritation to severe pain and hearing loss. Microsuction ear wax removal is a safe and simple procedure that can be performed regularly for stubborn cases of ear wax build-up. It can also be performed as an emergency procedure when earwax is causing significant problems such as hearing loss. There’s no need to use drops or oils beforehand and there’s no downtime following microsuction ear wax removal. Hanwell residents have experienced our services and their many benefits, including:

  • Fast relief, with most appointments taking just 15-30 minutes
  • All visible ear wax is removed thanks to a tiny microscope that sees inside the ear
  • No water or other irritants are used that can potentially cause infection
  • Gentle and more comfortable than other methods like syringing
  • Has limited side effects, if any at all
  • Can be performed on children

Specialist Ear Care Near Hanwell

Our team at Ear Care Lab is made up of GPs with a specialism in ENT. This means, as well as microsuction ear wax removal, Hanwell locals can also get help with a range of other ear-related problems, including:

The excellent service we provide and the support for many common ear problems is why we are highly rated by our Hanwell clients, and why those living in London use our services regularly. Our ear care experts also lead microsuction training courses to teach others how to deliver gold standard microsuction ear wax removal. Every ear care professional that works with us has to undergo this training so we can guarantee you’re getting the very best care.

Ear Microsuction Using ENT microscope

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Near You In Hanwell

Ear Care Lab is situated in Corfton Road Surgery, and is right by Ealing Broadway Tube station. It can be reached on the Elizabeth Line when coming from Hanwell. We can also be reached by car and there is metered parking on nearby roads. The full address of the clinic is:

Office Address:

Corfton Road Surgery,
10 Corfton Road,
Ealing W5 2HS,
United Kingdom (UK)

Please see our  map to see the exact location when visiting us for your microsuction ear wax removal. Hanwell is a short distance from the clinic, meaning anyone living or working in the area can get fast and convenient relief from blocked ears, with most appointments lasting under an hour from start to finish.

Book Hanwell Ear Wax Removal Today

Our online booking form is quick and easy to use. You can choose whether you’d like a medical consultation for an ear-related problem or microsuction ear wax removal treatment. We are open weekdays on Monday through to Thursday from 9am to 8pm, and on Fridays from 9am to 7pm. There is also the option of a weekend appointment on a Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm, so you can find a time and a day that suits you.


For emergency ear wax removal, Hanwell locals can be seen on the same day if ear wax is causing significant pain. Discover gold standard microsuction ear wax removal and be seen by highly skilled ear doctors at Ear Care Lab.

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