Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Video

Since the Ear Care Lab clinic opened in Ealing back in October 2016, we’ve been incredibly busy, delivering microsuction ear wax removal for relief from blocked ears and impacted ear wax to thousands of patients. If you’re yet to try the procedure for yourself, watch our microsuction ear wax removal video to see exactly what it involves.

Our short ear wax removal video shows how microsuction works, as one of our clinicians suctions out excess wax from inside the ear canal. Watch our ear microsuction video below:

Our ear wax removal video demonstrates the difference between microsuction and ear syringing, and shows how microsuction can be more effective and comfortable for the patient than syringing, which requires water to be flushed into the ear.

If watching our microsuction ear wax removal video has convinced you to book the procedure, you can self-refer for an appointment or may be referred by your GP. Call us on 0208 004 7808 or book an appointment online.

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