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Many people clean their ears with cotton swabs, ear candles, and cotton buds. At first glance, these devices are seemingly harmless. However, they present numerous dangers, from super-impacted wax to punctured eardrums, making them quite harmful when used frequently.

You’re better off hiring an expert for micro-suction ear wax removal. Not convinced yet? Here are four dangers of DIY ear wax removal.

1. You can cause a lot of damage

Your ears are delicate, and the slightest pressure can inflict damage, causing your eardrums to rupture. Although this can heal, it’s often a painful and unpleasant experience that can lead to conductive hearing loss; the inability to hear faint sounds.

2. The earwax can become more impacted

Cotton buds tend to push wax further into the ear canal, causing discomfort and blockages. This increases the risk of infection while damaging the delicate skin lining of your ears. Luckily, a medical professional can remove impacted ear wax through micro-suction, keeping your ear canal clean and healthy.

3. You can cause an infection

Inserting a foreign object in your ear canal is never a good idea as you can disturb its natural bacteria flora, increasing the chances of an infection. Additionally, washing your ears out can upset your ear’s natural pH balance and cause water to be trapped. This leaves your ear canal vulnerable to infection as it’s a dark, warm, and moist place.

4. You cannot see the inside of your ear

Since you can’t see the inside of your ears, the potential risk of self-harm is relatively high. For example, you may have perforated eardrums that require a unique approach to cleaning but without knowing this, you run the risk of damaging your eardrums.

On the other hand, an expert can see your ear and its features, and they perform an otoscopy before micro-suction ear wax removal to recognise and identify any abnormalities.

Let a professional handle it

DIY ear wax removal might save you money now, but the damages it causes can burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. From hearing loss treatments to blocked ear canals, you’ll end up spending more time, money, and effort fixing a problem you can avoid now.

All you have to do is book a micro-suction ear wax removal appointment with Ear Care Lab today and enjoy professional services. We’re trained and skilled in ear wax removal, guaranteeing zero damage to your ear canal.

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