What Is Ear Microsuction?

Ear Microsuction Ealing

What is ear microsuction?

Ear microsuction is a medical procedure that aims to remove any excess cerumen during an ear wax build-up. When such a procedure is recommended, it’s important to make sure the patient is fully informed at all times of what might occur.

This blog post provides useful information for any patients about to undergo microsuction.

What does microsuction involve?

Whilst it may sound scary at first, microsuction is one of the safest methods to clean the ear, often being conducted when other treatments haven’t worked. Your doctor will usually advise prescription medication or ear drops first, but if this doesn’t work, then microsuction is the next step to take.

The medical professional conducting the procedure will usually look inside your ear with a microscope, which magnifies the ear, making it easier to assess. They will then use a suction device to clean the ear and draw excess wax out – water is not used in the procedure, which also lessens the threat of infection. It’s usually a quick and painless procedure, however, if there’s a big build-up of wax, it may feel slightly uncomfortable. A wax softener spray may also be given to the patient to be used a few days before treatment is carried out.

When is microsuction needed?

As previously stated, microsuction is often used when other treatments have failed, or when the cerumen build-up is too large to be removed in other ways. Microsuction may also be carried out on people who cannot have water sprayed inside their ears (something which may occur during other treatments), such as:

  • Those who have recently had an ear infection
  • Those who have had previous complications from ear irrigation
  • Those who have had ear surgery in recent years
  • Patients who have had a hole in the ear drum/a damaged eardrum
  • Those born with a cleft palate (whether this has been corrected or not)

Pros of microsuction

There are many pros of microsuction that should be considered before having the procedure. It’s extremely effective, also being generally quick and painless. It also doesn’t expose your ear to moisture (lessening the chance of infection), allows your doctor to see inside your ear clearly and can be carried out on patients that can’t have irrigation treatments.

However, whilst microsuction is largely a safe procedure, it’s important to note that there is the potential for several side effects, such as dizziness, reduced hearing and in rare cases, tinnitus or infection can occur.

However, microsuction is still one of the best ways to remove a build-up of ear wax from inside the ear – if you have any more queries, get in touch with Ear Care Lab today.

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