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If you notice that you have ear wax build-up in your ears and you think it might be affecting your hearing, removing it yourself can be tempting. However, this risks doing more harm than good to your ears and can damage your hearing permanently if something goes wrong. This is where using a professional ear wax removal service is key. 

Learn more about some of the risks of removing your ear wax yourself, and how to remove ear wax safely by using professional methods such as ear microsuction.

Pushing ear wax further down your ear canal

Many people don’t realise that when using a cotton bud to remove ear wax, they’re actually pressing the ear wax down further into their ear canal. While you’ll remove some of the extraneous wax out of your ear with a cotton bud, any compacted earwax becomes more difficult to remove and can cause further difficulties with your hearing.

Ear scoops are also dangerous as you could accidentally puncture your eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss. Microsuction avoids all this, safely removing the wax without compressing it even more.

Ear infections

Putting foreign objects in your ears also increases your chances of getting an ear infection. Earwax helps trap and slow the growth of bacteria that have entered your ear canal, so using a cotton swab or scoop will push the earwax and the bacteria it contains farther into your ear. This often results in a painful infection that causes you to feel sick, lose your balance and experience a lack of energy.

Physical damage

In addition to pushing wax further into your ear and causing an infection, using devices such as ear wax scoops could result in long-term damage to your ear canal. If you’re not careful, you could scrape at and hit your tympanic membrane with an ear scoop, piercing your eardrum. Doing damage to your eardrum is not only extremely painful, but it can be permanent and in extreme cases, lead to hearing loss.

Try Ear Care Lab

If you’re interested in getting a high-quality ear wax removal service you can trust to look after your ears, get in touch with the Ear Care Lab team today to book a consultation. Our friendly experts are happy to offer help and advice on clearing your ears in a safe and effective way.

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